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Journal of Environmental Toxicology 2005;20(2):179-186.
서울북부 지역 미세먼지에 함유된 유해 중금속의 분석 및 건강위해성평가
박은정, 강미선, 유대은, 김대선, 유승도, 정규혁, 박광식
Health Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals in Fine Particles Collected in Seoul Metropolitan Area
Eun-Jung Park , Misun Kang , Dae-Eun You , Dae-Seon Kim , Seung-Do Yu , Kyu-Hyuck Chung , Kwangsik Park
Particulate materials (PM) less than 10 μm in diameter are of special interest in air pollution because they are respirable and responsible for the increasing mortality rate of lung cancer and cardiovascular diseases. These particles are often referred to as PM_10 and they are divided into a coarse fraction and a fine fraction which is also often referred to as PM_2.5. In this study, we monitored the TSP, PM_10, PM_2.5 concentration of ambient air collected in northern part of Seoul in early spring and measured the concentration of heavy metals; Cr, Mn, Zn, As, Cd, and Pb. All the heavy metals were found in the collected particles and the concentrations were variable in the PM_10 and PM_2.5, respectively. The detected concentration ranges were Cr: ND~2,889 ng/㎥, Mn: 2.4~257.9 ng/㎥, Zn: ND~353.7 ng/㎥, As: ND~22.3 ng/㎥, Cd: 0.1~2.9 ng/㎥, and Pb: ND ~392.2 ng/㎥ in fine particles. Heavy metal toxicity of the particles were also tested in H_9C₂ cell line derived from rat cardiomyocytes. As for the results of health risk assessment calculated by unit risk of IRIS, heavy metals in ambient air of Seoul metropolitan area were found to be responsible for the increase of total excess cancer risk. Among them, chromium (hexavalent) was found to be the most risky in fine particles of ambient air collected in the northern part of Seoul in early spring.
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