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Journal of Environmental Toxicology 2006;21(2):127-138.
총 디젤분진의 DNA 손상작용과 야채 및 과일추출물의 보호효과
허찬, 김남이, 허문영
Chemopreventive Effect of Vegetable or Fruit Extract Against Total Diesel Exhaust Particle Extract in NIH/3T3 Cells Using Alkaline Single Cell Gel Electrophoresis
Chan Heo , Nam Yee Kim , Moon Young Heo
  In urban areas, diesel exhaust particles (DEP) are probably a major component of particulate matters, especially in Korea where drive many diesel vehicles. The aim of this study was to investigate genotoxic effects of DEP using single cell gel electrophoresis. In order to evaluate the mechanisms of DEP genotoxicity, the rat microsome mediated and DNA repair enzyme treated comet assays together with conventional comet assay were performed. Total diesel particles (DEP<SUB>T</SUB>) was collected without size fractionation from diesel engine bus and dichloromethane extract was obtained. The organic extract of DEP<SUB>T</SUB> revealed DNA damage itself in NIH/3T3 cells. The level of DNA breaks plus oxidative DNA lesions and microsome mediated DNA damage was assessed by modified single cell gel eletrophoresis. DEP<SUB>T</SUB> was able to induce oxidative DNA damage as well as microsome mediated DNA damage. Vitamin C as an model antioxidant reduced DNA damage in endonuclase III treated comet assay. One of flavonoid, galangin as a CYP1A1 inhibitor, reduced DNA damage in the presence of S-9 mixture. DEP<SUB>T</SUB> is the sources of oxidative stress, but antioxidants can significantly reduce oxidative DNA dmage. And DEP<SUB>T</SUB> may contain indirect mutagens which can be inhibited by CYP1A1 inhibitors. The ethanol extracts of the mixed vegetables (BV) or the mixed fruits (BF) were evaluated for their in vitro antigenotoxic effects. BV and BF showed potent inhibitory effects against DEP<SUB>T</SUB> induced DNA damage with oxidative DNA lesions and in the prescence of S-9 mixture. These results indicate that BV and BF could prevent cellular DNA damage by inhibiting oxidative stress and suppressing cytochrome P4501A1 in cell culture.
Keywords: Diesel exhaust particle; single cell gel electrophoresis; reactive oxygen species (ROS); antioxidant; CYP1A1 inhibitor
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Genotoxic Effects of Diesel Exhaust Particle Extract in NIH/3T3 Cells  2004 December;19(4)
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