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Study on the biodegradation of alternatives (four species including C8H8F9KO3S) for perfluorooctane sulfonate
Bong-In Choi, Suk-Hyun Na, Yeong-Don Kwak, Byung-Taek Ryu, Seon-Yong Chung
Environ Anal Health Toxicol. 2015;30 Suppl:s2015008  Published online 2015 June 12    DOI:

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Chemical preparation and XRD data for four cyclotriphosphates: Ba3(P3O9)2·4H2O, BaNH4P3O9·2H2O, BaTlP3O9·2H2O, and BaTlP3O9·Ba3(P3O9)2·4H2O
Powder Diffraction. 2012;27(1):32-35   Crossref logo

ChemInform Abstract: The Synthesis and Characterization of Four New Uranium(IV) Chlorophosphates: UCl4(POCl3), [U2Cl9][PCl4], UCl3(PO2Cl2), and U2Cl8(POCl3).
ChemInform. 2014;45(46):no-no   Crossref logo
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Theoretical studies on four-membered ring compounds with NF2, ONO2, N3, and NO2groups
Journal of Computational Chemistry. 2007;29(4):505-513   Crossref logo
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A synthetic, structural, and113Cd NMR study of cadmium complexes of 1,3-thiazolidine-2-thionate, including the structures of Cd(C3H4NS2)2, (Cd(C3H4NS2)2(C5H5N)3·C5H5N, and (Ph4P)2[I2Cd(µ-C3H4NS2)2CdI2]
Canadian Journal of Chemistry. 2005;83(2):174-184   Crossref logo

ChemInform Abstract: Four New Actinide Chalcogenides Ba2Cu4USe6, Ba2Cu2ThSe5, Ba2Cu2USe5, and Sr2Cu2US5: Crystal Structures and Physical Properties.
ChemInform. 2015;46(48):no-no   Crossref logo
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Synthese und Charakterisierung der Spezies R–C7H7Cr(CO)3 mit R = CH3COCH2-, CH3CO(CH3)CH-, CH3COCHCH(CH3)2– / Synthesis and Characterization of the Species R-C7H7Cr(CO)3 with R = CH3COCH2-, CH3CO(CH3)CH - , CH3COCHCH(CH3)2
Zeitschrift für Naturforschung B. 1979;34(7):918-920   Crossref logo
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ChemInform Abstract: Synthesis, Structure and NMR Characterization of a New Monomeric Aluminophosphate [dl-Co(en)3]2[Al(HPO4)2(H1.5PO4)2(H2PO4)2] (H3PO4)4Containing Four Different Types of Monophosphates.
ChemInform. 2009;40(23):   Crossref logo
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The alkali metal copper(II) oxidotellurates(IV) Li 2 Cu 2 Te 3 O 9 , Li 2 Cu 3 Te 4 O 12 , Rb 2 Cu 3 Te 6 O 16 and Cs 2 Cu 3 Te 6 O 16 – four new structure types
Zeitschrift für anorganische und allgemeine Chemie. 2022;648(23):   Crossref logo
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Adsorption of SF 6 Decomposed Species on Ti 3 C 2 O 2 and Ti 3 C 2 F 2 with Point Defects by DFT Study
Advanced Theory and Simulations. 2021;4(7):2100074   Crossref logo
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Thermodynamics of the Ternary System Na2O—P2O5 —B2O3
Zeitschrift für Naturforschung A. 1987;42(5):463-470   Crossref logo
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