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Andrographis paniculata protects against brain hippocampus and cerebellum from mercury chloride induced damage by attenuating oxidative stress
Mercury chloride (HgCl2) is a neurotoxicant that remains a health hazard despite numerous efforts to reduce its levels in the environment. The use of medicinal plants in treating various diseases and other toxic agents has grown popular owing to their effectiveness and affordabl...
ORIGINAL ARTICLE 2022 October 11
Combinations of cypermethrin and dimethoate alter behavior, hematology and histology of African Catfish, Clarias gariepinus
Cypermethrin and dimethoate are pesticides frequently used in agriculture to eliminate pests. Contemporaneity of these and other pesticides in commercial preparations and several aquatic ecosystems is well known, though poorly studied. This study aims to evaluate the effect of s...
ORIGINAL ARTICLE 2022 October 11
Association between environmental pollutants and the FSH/AMH ratio as a marker of ovarian reserve
The ovarian function decreases with age, and various markers, such as follicle stimulating hormone, inhibin B, antral follicle count, and anti-Müllerian hormone, are used for its evaluation. Recently, exposure to various environmental pollutants in daily life has been reported a...
ORIGINAL ARTICLE 2022 October 28
Genotoxicity study of 2-methoxyethanol and benzalkonium chloride through Comet assay using 3D cultured HepG2 cells
Though the key data in identifying carcinogenicity is experience in human, long-term carcinogenicity tests using experimental animals are more realistic. Because carcinogenicity tests require much time and cost, performing the test is minimized through pre-screening. Recently, a...
ORIGINAL ARTICLE 2022 October 18
Effect of storage on the levels of sodium benzoate in soft drinks sold in some Nigerian market with exposure and health risk assessment
Soft drinks consumption is still a controversial issue for public health and public policy, as the influence storage condition impacts taste, color and shelf life. In all, fifty (50) soft drinks samples, acquired from Enugu, Aba, Asaba, Onitsha and Owerri markets in Nigeria, wer...
ORIGINAL ARTICLE 2022 November 3
The different aspects of attractive toxic baits containing fipronil for control of the German cockroach (Blattella germanica)
The use of Attractive Toxic Baits (ATBs) is considered to be a low-risk practical method for controlling cockroaches. This study evaluates the attractiveness of a lab-made, fipronil-containing bait, and its effect on the food consumption and mortality of the German cockroach Bla...
ORIGINAL ARTICLE 2022 November 3
A 2-day cardiopulmonary exercise test in chronic fatigue syndrome patients who were exposed to humidifier disinfectants
Some survivors of humidifier disinfectants (HDs) complain of chronic, inexplicable fatigue, and post-exertional malaise (PEM). Two-day cardiopulmonary exercise tests (CPETs) performed 24 hours apart (2-day CPET protocol) are increasingly employed to evaluate PEM and related disa...
ORIGINAL ARTICLE 2022 November 3
Hematologic evaluation of peripheral blood in Sprague Dawley rats by chronic exposure to aluminum chloride (AlCl3)
This study aimed to evaluate whether aluminum chloride (AlCl3) causes hematological changes in the peripheral blood of Sprague–Dawley (SD) rats. Five groups of female SD rats were intragastrically administered with 4 different concentrations of AlCl3 for 5 days a week for a tot...
ORIGINAL ARTICLE 2022 November 10
Assessment of organophosphate pesticide residues in environmental media of Araromi farm settlement, Osun State, Nigeria
The aim of the study was to assess the occurrence and distribution of organophosphate compounds residue in soil, surface water, sediment, and banana crops in Araromi farm settlement, Osun State, Nigeria. Organophosphate pesticide residues were determined using a gas chromatograp...
ORIGINAL ARTICLE 2022 November 10
Tissues toxicity attenuation by vitamin E on oxidative damage induced by diazinon
Organophosphorus insecticides such as diazinon (DZN) are used worldwide in industry, veterinary practice, and agriculture. They may induce oxidative stress in different tissues. The use of antioxidants can protect tissues against oxidative stress. The aim of this study was to in...
ORIGINAL ARTICLE 2022 November 23
Garlic and allopurinol alleviate the apoptotic pathway in rats’ brain following exposure to fipronil insecticide
Fipronil can cause oxidative tissue damage and apoptosis. Our goal is to evaluate the antiapoptotic impact of garlic or allopurinol against fipronil neurotoxicity. Thirty-six mature male albino rats were separated into control, garlic aqueous extract (500 mg/kg), allopurinol (15...
ORIGINAL ARTICLE 2022 November 23
Occurrence of veterinary antibiotics in poultry manure from two farms in Ibadan, Nigeria: Ecotoxicological implications in manure-amended soil
Veterinary antibiotics are commonly used in poultry farming for preventing diseases and promoting growth. As a result of their incomplete metabolism in poultry birds, veterinary antibiotics are usually excreted and are frequently detected in poultry manures. Veterinary antibioti...
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